Strategy Development Workshop

Communication, Cooperation & Commitment Teamwork & Communication Skills

The aim of the workshop is to identify & develop appropriate business development strategies to facilitate the achievement of targets and goals


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

To have a common understanding of the Private Equity Product key
        features & unique selling points

To understand how the clients will benefit from investing in Private Equity
       and how it differs from other asset classes

To be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the Bank's Equity Product in comparison to its main competitors

To have a robust and consistent marketing message to convey to the clients To be able to identify which clients would be most
       interested in the Private Equity Product and why

To be aware of key resistance or objections that the clients may raise and to formulate a strategy how best to respond

To build a plan for proactively promoting and marketing the Private Equity Product

To agree processes and systems on how to ensure two-way communication on product development, client feedback and how
       Private Equity can support the Institutional distribution team

Each strategy development workshop will be designed to achieve specific outputs. The output provides the detail which forms the  strategic plan of action.

The plan of action is then implemented, montiored and reviewed to ensure that it is delivering the desired results.


1. Consistent Marketing Message

Key features



Strengths & weaknesses

2. Which clients would be most interested in  the Private Equity Product

Analysis of clients

Who to target

Specific benefits, why they would buy

3. Planning & preparing to meet client objections & resistance

Identify most likely questions/objections

Plan best response

4. Communication & Feedback

Processes, systems to feedback clients reactions & comments, distribution funnel

5. Working together - Team Effort

How can the Private Equity team assist you