Influencing Skills (2 Day Workshop)

Influencing skills For Corporate Finance
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The aim of the workshop is to develop a positive influencing style for use internally within the organisation and externally with clients.


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Understanding the influencing process
Developing clarity about the purpose of all interactions
Judging people and situations more effectively
Practising appropriate techniques and styles for different people and

Workshop Methodology:

The workshop has been designed to maximise participant involvement. A number of proven methodologies will be employed including:

Consultant led input
Use of a psychometric tool as an influencing framework
Group/individual based exercises
Practical exercises
Feedback and Coaching

Workshop Content


Workshop aims & objectives
Personal objectives
Influencing Exercise 1

Influencing Strategies

Aims of positive influencing
Wining and losing
Effect of “losing”
Exercise 2: Forms of Influencing

Influencing Framework

Exercise 3
5 steps to successful influencing

MBTI & Influence

Effect of personality within influencing
Review use of MBTI
Your personality as an influencer
Your target’s personality
Influencing tips for different types
What others might “hear”

Content & Style

What content to use
The best style to adopt for each target
Body language
Group dynamics and influencing
Active listening

Advanced techniques

Clues to style
Visual clues
Auditory clues
Sensory clues
Framing conversations
Pacing your target
Exercise 4: Peer Influencing exe


Causes of conflict
Transactional analysis
Dealing with conflict
Conflict resolution
Exercise 5: Group influencing exercise

Summary & Close