The Nightmare of Cold Calling

Just the thought of cold calling sends us into a cold sweat
and we begin to shake and convulse.

I have been told many a time "I would rather jump out of the window or have burning bamboo shoved under my finger nails than cold call".

But how can it be that bad, what's the worst that can happen; they say no, not exactly life threatening but all the same cold calling receives loathing and dreading in seismic proportions.

I've yet to meet someone who says they enjoy cold calling and really mean it.

So what is the problem, is it a cultural issue where people feel it is just not the done thing or is a personal one were people just do not enjoy the constant rejection, and lets face it very few people do enjoy being rejected time after time it can become very depressing.

Whatever the reason when having to cold call the majority of people seem to lose the ability to speak and start jabbering like a psychotic chicken.

This typically comes from the stress that we unduly put ourselves under. We struggle to think and completely lose our composure.

Part of the problem is that without realising it we typically focus on all the negative things that can wrong and because of this they usually do.

If you have to cold call as part of your overall sales campaign there are a number of points to consider.

bullet People tend to make up there mind about you in the first five to ten seconds

bulletTherefore it is vital to plan your call building in a hook to gain their interest during the critical first few seconds.

bulletBe aware, people will constantly keep asking themselves what's in it for me; make sure you articulate the potential benefits clearly and concisely.

bulletHave an objective and keep it in focus at all times.

bulletEngage the person in conversation by asking questions; but make sure these are not intrusive; you have to earn the right to ask high value questions that comes later.

bulletMentally prepare yourself before each call; invariably it's how you come across not what you say that will win the day.

When working with people I often find that they can make a good call then go to pieces on the next one because they did not mentally focus on what they were about to do.

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