The Emergence of the Client Service Manager within Financial Services & Outsourcing Providers

The last 12 months has seen a shift in business focus leading to the emergence of the concept of "Client Service Managers".

Where for a long time Client Account Management models were only being applied to the front office financial organisations are now realising that this concept is equally as important in any area of the business where employees interact with a client, be it externally or internally.

A primary example of this are where the middle office is being asked to provide a similar service to client's back office as the front office does to the client's investment decision makers.

In addition where the use of Information Technology is being used to conduct business again the Client Service Manager concept is being applied.

Financial Institutions recognize that if they do not provide an all encompassing first class service to their clients they will lose out on profitable business.

If Financial Institutions fail in the back office they can get penalised and lose out of revenue streams for a considerable period of time.

If Financial Institutions fail in the area of Information Technology they can miss out on profitable ecommerce business.

In today's highly competitive market place where revenues are falling Financial Institutions can not take the risk of losing out due to service defects. Therefore they are making every area of the business accountable for managing and enhancing service levels across the board.

As a consequence of this we are seeing a dramatic emergence of Client Service Manager Programs, an increased emphasis on Relationship Management Skills.

David Howard Training Ltd has been involved with the design, development & delivery of Client Service Manager Programs for over 10 years and during this time has gained valuable experience in this area. If your organisation is considering implementing a Client Service Manager program David Howard Training would be very happy to discuss the initiative with you and get involved where required.