Kick Start the Day with an Effective Morning Meeting

The Morning Meeting is intended to kick start the day by communicating to the sales force good ideas or news items to share with their clients.

Ideally the morning meeting should provide the sales people with unique and interesting ideas that will provide them with an edge over their competitors.

A lack of ideas, or the perceived lack of interesting information due to a lack luster and uninspiring Morning Meeting makes life very difficult for the sales people when justifying a call to their clients.

The sales person is eager to sound as if they can offer a unique and useful service that the client will truly value. If they are bereft of ideas or stories they can damage their reputation with their clients.

The sales people can be caught in a difficult position if they do not have any ideas because they they have to call to stay in contact with their clients; but at the same time they do not want to appear to be wasting the clients time by sharing uninspiring or out of date information and ideas.

The sales people therefore rely on the Research Analysts to constantly produce and convey good ideas on a daily basis.

The problem occurs not in that the Analysts' do not generate good ideas but the delivery mechanism.

If the morning meeting is poorly conceived and managed it can appear to be chaotic without any real purpose or value.

If the ideas are presented poorly making them difficult to understand and therefore difficult to pass on to the clients the sales people will perceive that there are few good ideas that they can share with their clients.

Therefore in order to kick start the day effectively it is important to have a well managed Morning Meeting with the Research Analysts presenting their ideas in a concise and well structured format that makes them easy to follow and understand.

David Howard Training is experienced in the area of assisting companies to organise their Morning Meetings and providing coaching/training workshops to help Research Analysts improve their ability to present effectively at the Morning Meeting.

Effective Morning Meetings Presentation

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