Professional Negotiation Skills - Attitude Skills & Know-how

Evolution Of Business Development

To some the thought of having to negotiate sends shivers down the spine. For the more macho the chance of a good win at the expense of the other person is on offer.

Whatever your attitude to negotiation it is an aspect of the job that is becoming more prominent.

In today's working environment to get what you want you have three alternatives, attempt to demand, try to influence or lastly to negotiate.

Your strategy of approach will depend on the situation and the people involved. However we are finding more and more that the most favourable option is to negotiate.

To negotiate means giving the other party something in return for getting something we want. We seek their consent which will hopefully lead them to being happy with the resulting outcome.

The problem with negotiation though is that it puts us in a position of conflict or confrontation, call it what you will, most people would rather avoid it like the plague.

In addition to the conflict there is the fear of failure; not reaching a deal, giving too much away or damaging the client relationship are all potential outcomes.

So how do we manage the conflict, the fear of failure, the overly aggressive negotiators who want to win at all costs.

Confidence is a critical element of being able to negotiate successfully.

If you lack confidence you open yourself up to being taken advantage of by the other party.

Planning and preparation are also vital to a successful negotiation. A large proportion of negotiations fail because people fail to prepare adequately.

Whilst planning and preparation are vital you also need to have a structure in order to implement your strategy.

David Howard Training has been working with Financial Institutions for over five years helping them to develop the negotiation skills of their staff.

The focus of the negotiation skills workshops has been on relationship negotiations where the objective is to find an agreement where both parties are happy with the outcome.

The negotiation skills workshops are designed to build confidence and increase knowledge and develop core skills.