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Training Workshops

The workshops listed below are typical of the courses that are offered by David Howard Training and are highly practical ensuring that the learning can be transferred to the workplace and implemented immediately.

In addition to the workshops listed David Howard Training works with its clients to design and develop bespoke training to meet their specific needs and deliver tangible results.

Sales Skills

Voicemail Selling Skills - How to leave a message that stimulates interest

Voicemail Salesperson - Overview of core concepts to being a good voicemail salesperson - Pocket Guide to Success

Telephone Selling Skills - Manage two-way sales calls

Telephone Cold Calling Skills - Generating new business

Sales Foundation Programme - Key disciplines for successful salespeople

Consultative Selling Skills (Face to Face Meetings) - Uncover a client's real needs and deliver tailored solutions

Advanced Selling Skills Reinforce the core skills of being a successful salesperson and learn advanced techniques to improving your sales capability

Client Marketing Skills for Research Analysts  Improve the marketing of recommendations and themes in order to increase votes and commission share

Prospecting for New Business - How to succeed in prospecting and cold calling

Be a Good Salesperson - Overview of core concepts to being a good salesperson - Pocket Guide to Success

Client Relationship Skills

Professional Account Management - Managing key accounts and developing incremental business opportunities

Client Relationship Management Skills for Middle Office - Improve the overall efficiency of client relationships.

Client Relationship Management Skills for Managing Internal Clients - Improve the overall efficiency of workplace interactions.

Providing Excellent Client Service - Maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.

Negotiation Skills

Professional Negotiation Skills - Learning to negotiate like a professional, maximising outcomes

Telephone Negotiation Skills - Techniques for telephone based negotiations

Adavanced Negotiation Skills - Managing complex and sensitive negotiations

Be a Good Negotiator - Overview of core concepts to being a good negotiator - Pocket Guide to Success

Presentation Skills

Morning Meeting Presentation Skills - For clear & concise Morning Meeting sound bites

Professional Pitch Book Presentation Skills - Improved Pitch Book presentations

Sales Presentation Skills - Inspirational and persuasive presentations

Pitching for New Business Coaching - Significantly improve your chances of winning the mandate by ensuring your pitch is inspiring & persuasive

Be a Good Presenter - Overview of required techniques to being a good presenter - Pocket Guide to Success

Sales Management

Sales Team Leadership Skills - How to develop and lead a high performing sales team

Strategy Development Workshop - Facilitation of sales strategy workshops, development & execution

Management & Personal Development Skills

Developing Client Teams - C3 Teamwork & Communication Skills - How teamwork and good communications improves the performance of the client team

Influencing/Persuasion Skills - Encouraging people to accept new methods and ideas.

User friendly pdf document containing one page overview of workshops and contents

Recruitment & Interviewing

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Case Studies

Business Development Skills - Retail Client - Neptune Managers (Asset Manager), Salesperson Brief, (BWI Asset Managers)

Business Development Skills - Retail Client - GWS International (IFA)

Equity Case Study - Selling Skills - Institutional Client, Solar Fund Management, Client's Brief

Telephone cold calling training

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