Providing Excellent Client Service A one day workshop

Client Service Telephone Skills
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The aim of the workshop is to raise the participants’ awareness to the importance of providing excellent client service and how they can personally make a difference by contributing to the team effort when interacting with the clients.


By the end of the workshop participants’ will be able to:

Understand the importance of providing excellent client service
Reinforce understanding of who the external clients are and how they can
       be better served
Contribute to the development of a set of quality standards that the firm
       will measure itself against in the area of providing excellent client service
List the key skills required for providing excellent client service
Effectively turn client complaints into opportunities
Effectively manage dissatisfied or complaining clients

Workshop Methodology:

The workshop has been designed to maximise participant involvement. A number of proven methodologies are employed including:

Consultant led input
Group/individual based exercises
Feedback and coaching

Workshop Content


Workshop aims & objectives
Workshop overview
Providing Excellent Client Service
Why client service matters
What’s different about excellent service
What the clients expect – External – Internal
What are the obstacles to providing excellent client service

Cornerstones for providing Excellent Client Service


Managing the Clients

Turning complaints into opportunities
Dealing with dissatisfied Clients
Dealing with angry or hostile Clients
Building positive relationships
Practical exercise

Practical Exercise

Participants will conduct a case study driven exercise to reinforce the importance of excellent client service

Review and debrief of exercise – Providing Excellent Client Service

Introducing, improving processes
Implementing Quality Service Standards
Making a difference

Development of Personal Actions Plans – Making a Difference

Review & Summary