Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative financial selling
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The Consultative Selling Skills workshop introduces the participants to the benefits of adopting a client rather than a product focused approach to their sales activities.

The workshop highlights the importance of developing positive interpersonal relationships with clients which is essential if the salesperson is to gain the clients trust and confidence.

The workshop develops the participants ability to identify and develop clients needs so that they are able to propose the best solution to meet the clients specific requirements.


The aim of the workshop is to increase participant’s ability to develop business opportunities with their clients whilst enhancing the professional image of the firm.


By the end of the workshop participants’ will be able to:

Develop a client focused approach to developing client relationships & business opportunities

Develop positive client relationships through the use of effective interpersonal & communication skills

Ask quality questions and listen effectively in order to identify the clients needs

Effectively plan & prepare for a successful face to face sales meeting

Use a sales model which recognises the importance of identifying client needs and buying criteria and match the
       products/services of the firm to the requirements of the client

Effectively present tailored solutions to meet clients needs

Overcome client resistance

Gain client commitment

Workshop Content

Introduction to Consultative Selling

Definition of ‘Consultative Selling’
Key skills & behaviour required for successful relationship development
Difference between being client and product focused
Client expectations of a salesperson - what the client buys!

First Client meeting role-plays

Participants will conduct client meetings using real client case studies

Review and debrief – Coaching for improved performance

Developing Positive Client Relationships

Interpersonal & communication skills
Rapport Building
Verbal & non-verbal communication
Skills of enquiry, questioning & listening techniques

Structuring & Managing the Meeting

Client Relationship Process – Proactive sales activities
Researching, planning & preparing for the meeting
Structuring the meeting
Opening the call
Identifying & developing client needs
Managing the meeting

Practical exercises

Second Client meeting role-plays

Participants will conduct client meetings using real client case studies

Review and debrief – Coaching for improved performance

Summary & close

Presenting Tailored Solutions to Clients Needs

Matching solutions to clients needs
Creating differentiation
Features, advantages & benefits
Syndicate exercise
Presenting products/services to meet clients needs and develop differentiation

Managing Client Resistance

Handling typical objections
Attitude and emotions
Process for managing resistance
Syndicate exercise
Strategies to over come typical client objections

Gaining Client Commitment

Levels of commitment
Adopting right approach for client
Closing techniques

Final client meeting role-plays

Participants will conduct client meetings and practice all of the skills they have learned during the workshop

Review and debrief – coaching for improved performance

Summary & Close