Morning Meeting Presentation Skills (A half day workshop)

Morning Meeting Presentation Skills
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Presentation Skills.


The Morning Meeting Presentation Skills training is designed to provide the Research Analyst with the necessary skills to present a well structured idea that is easy to follow and understand.

The workshop provides the Analyst with a framework to help with the planning and structuring of the message that ensures that all of the critical information is included and delivered in a persuasive manner.

Workshop Aim:

To increase the participantís ability to present with impact at the Morning Meeting.

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Present a concise and persuasive message that generates interest
Start the presentation with impact in order to get the listenersí attention
Plan for a successful three minute morning meeting presentation
Structure the presentation so that the listener can clearly identify what is in it for them

Workshop Content

Delivery Techniques

What makes for an effective morning meeting message?
What the listener wants to hear
Individual Presentations (2/3 minutes)
Delivery techniques
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Opening with impact

Practical exercise 3 min Presentation using CCTV Review, feedback & coaching

Planning and Preparation

Contents, balancing fact with opinion
Addressing the listeners interests
Logically structuring the message, using time efficiently
Getting the attention of your audience
Making the message memorable
Starting & ending with impact

Practical exercise 2/3 min Presentation

Review, feedback & coaching

Summary & Close

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