Telephone Cold Calling Skills

Telephone Selling Skills


For any salesperson cold calling is the part of the job they hate, but it has to be done if you are to bring on board new clients.

As a salesperson your sales will depend upon your client portfolio. The more active clients you have the more business you will write.

If you have a limited client portfolio then your business opportunities are limited.

As a new salesperson very often your first responsibility is to build up your client portfolio and therefore a lot of your early work is spent cold calling. The quicker you can bring in new clients the quicker your business will grow. Therefore being good at cold calling will be critical to your success.

For more experienced salespeople there is always the possibility of losing clients. As you lose clients your portfolio shrinks and opportunities decline. Therefore you always need to conduct an element of cold calling calling in order to replace lost clients with new ones.

The Telephone Cold Calling workshop explores the concepts of cold calling, the psychology and the core skills required to be successful.

The Telephone Cold Calling workshops helps to develop the participants confidence when cold calling and provides the key skills and tools to be a successful cold calling salesperson.


To increase the participant’s ability to develop new business through cold calling.


By the end of the workshop participants’ will be able to:

Understand where the best prospecting opportunities are and how to maximise their potential

Build credibility and confidence with clients through the use of good interpersonal & communication skills

Understand the key principles for successful telephone cold calling

 Plan, prepare and structure a successful cold call in order to secure a meeting

Overcome client resistance/objections to solutions and firm

Gain client commitment to next step/solution

Workshop Content

New Business Development

Analysing what we have to offer the clients?
What are our USP’s?
Which client segments will be most interested in our offering?
Where to find prospects
Maximising effectiveness, time & resources

Contacting the Prospects – Telephone Cold Calling

How to contact the clients, methods of communication
Developing a strategy
Client psychology
Content choice – clarity and effect
Planning, structure, setting objectives
Developing & communicating ideas
What’s in it for the client? – Features and benefits
Handling client resistance
Directing the call model
Closing skills – Securing the meeting/sale

The participants will conduct client telephone role-plays using tape recorders to capture calls for feedback and coaching sessions

Summary & Close