Voicemail Selling Skills (A Half day workshop)

Voicemail OVERVIEW

The technology of using voicemail to screen incoming calls is no longer a new phenomenon. The use of voicemail started in the US back in the early 1990's and is now used globally by the financial community to screen their incoming calls.

In many cases voicemail has replaced the two-way telephone call altogether. The only time a salesperson gets to talk to their client is at an event that brings them together. For most however there is still an opportunity to talk to their clients person to person.

Whatever the situation the importance of voicemail has increased considerably.

The ability to leave a clear, concise and interesting message has become a critical skill for salespeople and analysts if they are to build credibility and increase the chance of a follow up two-way call with the client.

The Voicemail Selling Skills workshop explores the concepts of leaving voicemail message that have an impact. The workshop provides the the participants with skills and tools to leave effective voicemails that get results.

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To increase the participant's ability to leave a clear and concise voicemail message in an interesting manner that maximises the chances of getting a response from the client.


By the end of the workshop participants' will be able to:

Understand the key principles for effective communication

Effectively plan a 40/60 second voicemail call

Structure the message so that the listener can clearly identify what is in it for them

Leave a clear and concise message that is interesting, easy to understand, thereby increasing the chances of a response

Workshop Content

Delivery Techniques for Successful Voicemail Messages

Differences between two-way telephone v voice-mail
Components for effective voice-mail messages
Developing positive interpersonal skills
Communication principles - impact and flexibility
Influence of non-verbal behaviour on voicemail messages

Practical exercises using tape recorders to record voicemail messages

Review, feedback & coaching

Contents & Structure

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Best practices, voice-mail guidelines
Content choice - clarity and effect
Planning and setting objectives
What's in it for the client - Facts & Opinions
Essential detail and evidence to support ideas
Packaging a short, punchy message for maximum impact
Call to action - encouraging a positive result
Practical exercises using tape recorders to record voicemail messages
Review, feedback & coaching

Summary & Close