David Howard Training

About david howard training

About David Howard Training

What We Do

  1. Listen to and learn from our clients in order to understand their goals and objectives

  2. Work closely with our clients to create training strategies that help them to achieve their goals and objectives

  3. Create a learning environment where people are motivated to grow and reach their full potential

How We Do It

  1. We design & deliver training solutions that are pragmatic to ensure easy to adopt skills & techniques can be immediately transferred to the work place

  2. We continue to work with our clients to ensure training is ‘sticky’ and that momentum is maintained to bring about long-term behavioural change

  3. We advise our clients on strategies to monitor and review ROI to maximise the benefits of training interventions

Where It All Began

In 2000 David Howard founded David Howard Training after 19 years working in the Financial Services Sector.

During his time working within the Financial Markets he worked for JP Morgan Chase, Eurobond Settlements, Chemical Bank , Sales and Trading Fixed Income Bonds, Taiyo Kobe, Head of Euroyen Trading desk, UBS, Business Manager Equities division, Global Head of Sales and Account Management Education . At UBS David worked closely with Senior Management to design and deliver training solutions to assist with the global sales strategy.

Since 2000 David Howard has continued to work for Financial Institutions across the globe on a variety of training and consultancy projects.Theses projects have encompassed working for Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Wholesale IFA’s, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Structured Products, Derivatives, Equities, Fixed Income, Money Markets, Commodities, Risk Management, Cash Management, Insurance and Real Estate.